Listy Do M3 (Letters To Santa 3)

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BBFC Consumer Advice Strong language.

'Listy Do M3' follows a story of a few individuals, who will experience magical moments on one exceptional day. They will all face the power of love, family and forgiveness. They will also come to believe that this Christmas time is full of surprises…

Directed by: Tomasz Konecki;
Starring: Piotr Adamczyk; Magdalena Rozczka; Tomasz Karolak; Izabela Kuna; Borys Szyc; Agnieszka Dygant; Andrzej Grabowski;

Distributor: Phoenix Productions
Release Date: 24/11/2017
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Running Time: 107 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)
Genre: Comedy