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BBFC Consumer Advice Moderate violence, threat, occasional bloody images.

When you are blind, the world talks to you in a dozen different ways, and if you listen, there is music in everything. AKASH, a blind pianist in Pune, is hopelessly stuck trying to compose his own tunes. A chance encounter introduces him to Sophie, a free spirited girl whose father owns a piano bar.
Akash starts performing at the bar, his tunes flowing fast and true, thanks to his new muse, Sophie. Retired Bollywood star Pramod Sinha is impressed by Akash and invites him to a private concert at his condo. Lady luck is finally smiling on Akash.

But Akash is about to find out that Lady Luck can also be fickle. For at Pramod’s house Akash encounters his wife Simi, a beautiful woman with a dark secret. And in the blink of an eye, Akash finds himself among deadly characters, each blinded by love, greed, desire and sheer survival. Andhadhun is a cocktail of music, murder and madness.

Directed by: Sriram Raghavan;
Starring: Ayushmann Khurrana; Radhika Apte; Tabu;

Distributor: Eros International Ltd
Release Date: 05/10/2018
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Running Time: 138 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)
Genre: Bollywood