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BBFC Consumer Advice Rating & Running Time TBC.

Jaspal ( Tarsem Jassar) is a senior government officer in love with Harman ( Nimrat Khaira) a school teacher. Jaspal on paper is the ideal son in law material, good looking, caring and with the ability to financially support Harman. Only problem is Harman’s dad wants a son in law who holds the position of a Patwari (lower government officer) because he believes that post has more status and power.

Jaspal and Harman are confused with the situation and realise the only way their marriage will go ahead is if Jaspal is demoted to the lower position of a Patwari. Despite the difficulties they continue dating each other confident that they will convince Harmans stubborn father to agree to the marriage.

But when Jaspal is accused of being unfaithful, Harman angrily agrees to marry a man of her father’s choice. Jaspal is now left in a quandary: does he prove his innocence to Harman or fulfil her father’s wish of becoming a Patwari? Most importantly will he end up marrying Harman? 

Directed by: Gulshan Singh;
Starring: Gurpreet Ghuggi; Nimrat Khaira; Tarsem Jassar;

Distributor: Rising Star Entertainment
Release Date: 05/10/2018
Country: India
Language: Punjabi
Running Time: 150 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)
Genre: Bollywood