Fisherman's Friends

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BBFC Consumer Advice Infrequent strong language, moderate sex references.

A chance encounter with a record company exec results in a life-changing offer for a group of Cornish fishermen, in this hilarious and heart-warming British comedy. Featuring an ensemble cast of home-grown talent, including Daniel Mays, Tuppence Middleton, Noel Clarke, and Dave Johns, from the team behind modern classics Kids in Love and Finding Your Feet.

Directed by Chris Foggin (Kids in Love) and produced by the team behind British comedy Finding Your Feet, Fisherman’s Friends is based on the true store of the real-life singing group, who have risen from the tides of Cornwall to conquer the crowds of Glastonbury, while still keeping their day jobs.

Moving, funny, and irresistibly feel-good, it features a star-studded ensemble cast.

Directed by: Chris Foggin;
Starring: Tuppence Middleton; James Purefoy; Christian Brassington; Noel Clarke; Daniel Mays; David Hayman;

Distributor: Entertainment Film Distributors
Release Date: 15/03/2019
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Running Time: 112 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)
Genre: Comedy, Drama