Guddiyan Patole (Punjabi With English Subtitles)

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BBFC Consumer Advice drug references, mild bad language

What happens next, when you are told by the circumstances, that whatever you feel you are, that is just a myth, that your whole identity is a borrowed one, that you belong to something else. Your life get shattered, and you starts to bring the pieces together. You intensionally or unintentionally embark a journey of self discovery. This story is all about the self discovery of two young girls. The two young girls, whom were made to live separately in their childhood, because their parents wished to live their own life separately, are brought together by destiny. The destiny which forced their maternal grandparents side to call their mother and them, back to India, back to their homeland, Punjab. The same maternal side, whom broke all the threads with their mother, when she fall in love with a foreigner and got married. Its been a while, near around two decades, and void between these girls ideology and their true identity has been emerged, this story is all about filling that void. Yeah, This story is all about, how they embark a journey, on the path of self discovery. And how in their journey, in which they discover their roots, their culture, their true identity, those relationship here in Punjab, which they had no idea about, helps. This journey, even helps them to make a young lad from Punjab to find his own life’s goal, when these two girls path cross, this guy’s life. And how he while, being a companion on the journey of these two girls self discovery, find himself.

Directed by: Vijay Kumar Arora;
Starring: Sonam Bajwa; Nirmal Rishi; Gurnam Bhulla;

Distributor: Fountain Films Ltd
Release Date: 08/03/2019
Country: India
Language: Punjabi
Running Time: 128 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)
Genre: Bollywood