Student Of The Year 2

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BBFC Consumer Advice Moderate violence, infrequent strong language.

Rohan (Tiger Shroff) is a student, athlete and kabaddi player from a mediocre Pishorilal Chamandas College. He dreams of becoming the Student of the Year by winning the Intercollege Dignity Cup one day. Rohan’s life takes a turn, when he gets accepted to St. Teresa College on a sports scholarship. As Rohan tries to fit in St. Teresas, he is completely dwarfed by its hugeness. Rohan encounters the reigning Student of the Year, Manav who begins to coerce him and the beautiful Shreya and Mia who begin to fall for him. All hell breaks loose when their life gets tangled through competition, failure, manipulation and heartbreaks. Rohan is thrown out of the college only to go back to his Mediocre Pishorilal College. Badly bruised and insulted, Rohan decides to challenge Manav to win the Student of the year trophy. Will Rohan defeat Manav to win the Student of the year trophy? Will Rohan find his true love in Shreya or Mia?

Directed by: Punit Malhotra;
Starring: Tiger Shroff; Tara Sutaria; Ananya Pandey;

Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox Film Co
Release Date: 10/05/2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Running Time: 145 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)
Genre: Bollywood