Wrong No. 2

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BBFC Consumer Advice Infrequent moderate violence.

Zoya, a young rich girl falls for a middle class boy (Omer) who happens to be her arrogant father’s
personal assistant’s son. Meanwhile Mehboob, a middle class clerk in the struggle of making both
ends meet, gets caught in the confusion as the love interest of Zoya. Zoya’s status conscious father
(Rab Nawaz), pressurizes Mehboob to leave Zoya offering him a handsome sum of money, which
Mehboob is in dire need of. Reluctantly, Mehboob accepts the offer. Knowing that Zoya’s
businessman father would never accept a lesser status son-in-law, the lovebirds elope.
Mehboob’s momentarily greed flops the couple’s future plans and lands every character in a
whirlpool of troubles.

On the other hand, a street smart boy Shokat is also struck by cupid and leaves no stone unturned to
get closer to Zoya, further arising the tension. The plot gets more complicated when Happy- a
match favoured by Zoya’s father to get himself into politics, lands up at Zoya’s home, to marry her.
Zoya is now the object of many’s desire. She finally challenges Omer to stand up for her and win
her or else she would become the bride to Happy.

Now, Omer alongwith Mehboob in their process of untangling the confusions, end up in further
puzzled situations. The true love has not only to overcome the obstacles on its way but also find a
way to conquer hearts. This fun packed roller coaster ride will take you on a journey of romance &
emotions, while leaving the audience into fits of laughter.

Directed by: Yasir Nawaz;
Starring: Neelum Muneer; Sami Khan; Jawed Shaikh; Mahmood Aslam; Yasir Nawaz; Sana Fakhar;
Shafqat Cheema; Ahmed Hassan; Danish Nawaz; Roohi Almanthri; Arshad Khan; Irfan Khosat;

Distributor: Eros International Ltd
Release Date: 07/06/2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Running Time: 133 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)
Genre: Bollywood