Ardaas Karaan

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BBFC Consumer Advice Suicide references, infrequent moderate bloody images.

Ardass Karaan explores the Generation Gap faced by families. Three elderly men live in Canada with their families and realize that each generation has a different conflicting opinion about life. The elderly men believe spending time with each other and communicating may help bridge their gap. But each time the family plans to spend time with each other they end up arguing. One day the elderly gentlemen come across Sehaj and Magic who are full of positivity and agree to help them understand their families but are given a week to accomplish this.

Will Sehaj and Magic manage to find a common thread for the three differing generations to live together in harmony? How will they use Ardaas (prayer) to convey their message about life?

Directed by: Gippy Grewal;
Starring: Gippy Grewal; Gurpreet Ghuggi; Japji Khaira; Meher Vij; Sardar Sohi; Yograj Singh; Sapna Pabbi;

Distributor: Rising Star Entertainment
Release Date: 19/07/2019
Country: India
Language: Punjabi
Running Time: 140 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)
Genre: Bollywood