365 DNI / 365 Days

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Massimo Torricelli, a young and handsome boss of a Sicilian Mafia family, has no other option but to takeover after his father has been assassinated. Laura Biel is a sales director in a luxurious hotel. She has a successful career, but her private life lacks passion. She is taking one last shot to save her relationship. Together with her partner and friends, she takes a trip to Sicily. Laura does not expect that Massimo, the most dangerous man on the island, will get in her way, kidnap her, hold her captive and give her 365 days... to fall in love with him. "365 dni" is the first Polish erotic film. It is based on the best-selling novel of the same name from author Blanka Lipinksa.

Directed by: Barbara Bialowas;
Starring: Michele Morrone; Anna Maria Sieklucka; Bronislaw Wroclawski;

Distributor: Phoenix Productions
Release Date: 14/02/2020
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Running Time: 114 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)
Genre: Drama