The Vigil

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BBFC Consumer Advice Strong threat, bloody images.

THE VIGIL is set over the course of a long, dark night in Brooklyn’s Hassidic “Boro” Park neighbourhood, following Yakov (Dave Davis, True Detective), a former Hassid, who has lost his faith, and isn’t eager to go back to the insular religious community he only recently fled. But when Reb Shulem (Menashe Lustig), a rabbi and confidante, approaches Yakov and offers to pay him to be the shomer (watching over the dead body of a community member) for a recently deceased Holocaust survivor, he reluctantly accepts the job. Shortly after arriving at the dilapidated house, Yakov realises that something is very, very wrong. This will not be a quiet vigil.

Directed by: Keith Thomas;
Starring: Dave Davis; Menashe Lustig; Malky Goldman; Lynn Cohen; Fred Melamed;

Distributor: Vertigo
Release Date: 31/07/2020
Country: United States
Language: English
Running Time: 90 mins (excl Trailers, Advertisements)
Genre: Drama, Horror